Ralph Lauren U.S. Polo Australia previously dated lily mother

Body language behind the royal wedding

Judi take this was already a semimature relationship, which meant there were none of the giggling/blushingvirginbride signals from kate, who looked serene in a dress that was pretty but understated enough to allow it to be eclipsed by pippa these two looked like a real couple who knew one another well but that balcony kiss still managed to bring out some ferociously bashful

Bodylanguage signals from the groom, making this look almost like a firsttime kiss.

Zara phillips, 30, and mike tindall, 33

The proposal at home in cheltenham, december 2010.

The wedding canongate kirk in edinburgh on 30 july, and afterwards at the palace of holyroodhouse, the queen official residence in scotland.

The guests the queen and members of the royal family, england rugby star jonny wilkinson, jackie stewart, http://www.xntrix.com.au/ralph-lauren-kids.html coronation street actress katherine kelly, and television presenters kirsty gallacher and natalie pinkham.

The dress an ivory silk gown by stewart parvin.

Judi take this utterly beautiful wedding shot shows the queen granddaughter looking ecstatic in her billowing dress, suggesting a fairytale happy ending for the royal bride who bucked the Ralph Lauren Sale www.xntrix.com.au trend

By marrying the rugby hero with a splattered nose who would clearly cherish her for ever, rather than a handsome hooray who might bore her or break her heart.Mike looks uncomfortable in this pose but that made him all the more adorable because he clearly wasn relishing the fuss of the big day.Brawny, brave but camerashy is a seductive combination however, unfortunately for mike he wasn quite so shy when it came to canoodling with a blonde ex in a bar in new zealand just a few weeks after the wedding.With princess anne as a motherinlaw, it proved at least that what the groom lacked in brainpower he more than made up for in fearlessness.Or perhaps his reward for being on his best behaviour throughout the wedding was to let rip once he was back on the sporting scene.

Kate moss, 37, and jamie hince, 42

The proposal at home in february.

The wedding st peter church in southrop, gloucestershire, on 1 july, plus a weekendlong celebration at kate nearby estate, with food provided by the dorchester and ritz paris hotels.

The guests stella mccartney, bob geldof, naomi campbell and sadie frost.

The dress a vintagestyle dress by close friend john galliano.

Judi take despite kate love of all things outrageous, her path to the altar has been surprisingly serene, leading to claims that the party girl might settle down and hang up her vodka shots at last.Kate and jamie have been an item for four years too, so their marriage was not exactly a reckless trolleydash.But have they kicked off married life with the same intentions in mind?Jamie bears the look of a man for whom the mood of the event is a bit of a surprise, with his startledmeerkat posture and the rather rigid hold he has on his bride.He gussiedup differently to kate too, in a traditional doublebreasted suit in a cutesy powder blue, with only his shades giving a hint of his rocker roots.Kate looks her usual beautiful bohemian self, wearing a gurglingly happy smile on her face.Her informal pose suggests the ceremony was a stopoff before the real partying started, whereas jamie suited and booted look suggests a guy who might have been viewing marriage as a time to start slowing down.

Sir paul mccartney, 69, and nancy shevell, 51

The proposall at dinner in new york in april.

The wedding marylebone register office on 9 october, with a gathering afterwards at their north london home.

The guests ringo starr and Ralph Lauren Womens barbara bach.

The dress a simple kneelength dress by stella mccartney.

Judi take this couple have four marriages, six children and an estimated 700 million between them, which is a helluva lot of baggage for two people to be dragging down the aisle.However, something must be working as not only do the pair seem to have been wading through the fountain of youth en route to the register office, but the way exbeatle paul has yanked his bride arm up in a gesture of pride looks unarguably cute.Let hope the children really do approve this time, and that an american heiress from the hamptons can settle down with a guy whose roots are downtown liverpool.

Lily allen, 26, and sam cooper, 33

The proposal in bali, christmas day 2010.

The wedding st james the great church in cranham, gloucestershire, on 11 june and tea reception at their 17thcentury home nearby.

The guests 100 at the church including lily actor dad keith and brother alfie, angus deayton and harry enfield(Who previously dated lily mother), plus another 200 for tea.

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